SYMPATHY FOR THE SPORTS GUY: I’ve never kept my admiration for columnist Bill “The Sports Guy” Simmons a secret. But now, it seems Simmons’ influence is spreading even further than he ever could’ve possibly imagined. In a mailbag column last week, Simmons was asked if he had any ideas for how to incorporate the best of pro wrestling into mainstream sports. Sports Guy replied that he thinks it would be cool if one hockey player would “turn” on his team, hitting one of his teammates with his stick and thus joining the other team, as announcer Jim Ross screamed “By Gawd, that’s [the other team]’s music!” Tonight on SportsCenter, anchor Rece Davis (not to be confused with John Rhys-Davis) referred to a collision between two Detroit players in the Red Wings-Avalanche game as “like a heel turn in wrestling.” And upon watching “Attack of the Clones” last week, in the scene where Anakin confesses to Amidala after killing the Tusken Raiders, all I could think was “By Gawd, that’s Darth Vader’s music!”

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