DODGING THE DRAFT: Work obligations

DODGING THE DRAFT: Work obligations unfortunately prevented me from watching tonight’s NBA draft, although from the sound of things it was quite an evening of excitement. I’m not so high on Yao Ming, probably because he looks not unlike an Asian Shawn Bradley, although perhaps he’ll prove me wrong. The Bulls, believe it or not, have the chance to be VERY dangerous in the very near future, as do the Clippers if they manage to hang on to their talent. As for the McDyess/Camby trade, I realize McDyess is quite an effective player and the Knicks are thus a better team than they were yesterday as a result of the deal. However, you just know that either Nene Hilario or one of those picked immediately below him is going to be a superstar who “the Knicks let get away,” and the fans and tabloids will repeat it like a mantra for the next 15 years. I love the Knicks as a last place team- their fans are starting to remind me of Red Sox fans.

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