MIKE GIVES A MAKEOVER: With the Clemens-beanball drama ending and his recent revitalization at the plate, it seemed as though Mike Piazza had finally put “the rumor” behind him- but then he goes and does this. On the dime of the New York Post (the same paper, oddly enough, that “outed” him), Piazza took co-catcher Vance Wilson along on a tour of spas, nail salons, and fine clothing stores in order to give him a “makeover,” which included (among other things) an eyebrow wax and manicure. What was Piazza thinking? Did he not know the reaction this would cause? In a related story, much has been made of the rapper Nelly’s attempts, on his new album “Nellyville,” to shed the image some have of him as “soft” and adopt a more gangster-ish edge. Then how do you explain his decision to duet with ‘NSync’s Justin Timberlake on a song called “Work It”? Excuse me?

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