YOU, EDITOR! I LEARNED FROM WATCHING YOU!: Sean Salley and Andre Smith, the two men convicted of murdering three people above New York’s Carnegie Deli last year, were sentenced yesterday to 120 years to life (although something tells me the “life” part will kick in first). The result of a drug-deal-gone-bad, one of the victims was Jennifer Stahl, a 39-year-old sometime actress (she had a bit part in the ’80s classic “Dirty Dancing”) who went on to become one of Manhattan’s most prominent drug dealers. What I’ll never forget about this story is that a couple of weeks after the murders, an anonymous Village Voice staffer who had frequently used Stahl as her dealer was somehow allowed to pen an affectionate “farewell-to-my-dealer” piece and have it published in the newspaper. The Voice thus became the only known employer on Earth which, rather than punish drug abuse by its employees, rewards it with column space.
The other fascinating thing: It was reported at the time that Salley, one of the murderers, was a former roadie for George Clinton. Was he present for George’s legendary “pussy” interview on WBRS radio in November of 1999? It was rumored at the time that at least one female Brandeis student had snuck onto Clinton’s tour bus after the concert and left with a member of George’s entourage- could Salley have been involved? Guess we’ll never know.

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