WINNING RYAN: In a game two weeks ago, Twins rookie outfielder Mike Ryan proved that every time you buy a ticket for a baseball game, something history-making can happen. Ryan led off that game against Detroit (the first of his career) with his first major league hit. And then, after the Twins batted around in the first inning, Ryan came up again and got another hit- thus becoming the first player in the 150-some year history of Major League Baseball to get two hits in the first inning of his first major league game. But, in a development indicating that perhaps the baseball gods weren’t smiling upon Ryan after all, the game was called on account of rain after 3 innings, and thus the results (and Ryan’s historical feat, were washed away as well).
Ryan then went two weeks without another base hit, thus running the risk of joining Archibald “Moonlight’ Graham as a player who tasted the glory of reaching the major leagues without the satisfaction of a hit. But thankfully, Ryan made it just under the wire, finally getting his first major league hit (for real this time) in Friday’s victory over the White Sox. Congrats Mike- it won’t be the last.
PS: Next week for the Twins: Playoffs. PLAYOFFS??? Yes, Playoffs.

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