Monthly Archives: September 2002

HAVANA BODY: In the kind

HAVANA BODY: In the kind of move that an elected official can only even consider when he’s not running for re-election, Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura arrived in Cuba today to visit with dictator Fidel Castro and argue in favor of expanded trade with the isolated island nation.
The only way in which I would’ve approved of this course of action would be if Ventura had revisited his wrestling career and pulled a “heel turn” on Castro, perhaps smacking the dictator over the head from behind with a steel chair and then cutting an anticommunist “promo.” I certainly can’t think of a more patriotic or dignified way for the Guv to have ended his four years as a political figure than that.
AND IN OTHER CUBAN NEWS…: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban got married over the weekend in Barbados. Perhaps his new wife will demand he finally buy furniture for his heretofore empty 24-room mansion.