U-HAUL: U SUCK: I’ll spare

U-HAUL: U SUCK: I’ll spare you all my complete U-HAUL horror story, because frankly, I’m afraid it’ll be too familiar to most of you. Indeed, I’ve never known anyone who has used U-HAUL and not had a nightmarish experience. In a nutshell, among the complaints in my forthcoming letter to the CEO of U-HAUL are the following:
-A reservation, to U-HAUL, isn’t like a reservation at a restaurant or anywhere else. It’s more like a “suggestion.”
-The company’s customer-service representatives are almost universally idiots, whose job is to spend two minutes evading questions like Ari Fleischer, and then placing callers on hold indefinitely.
-After driving directions from downtown Newark to Hoboken were promised to me, the idiot behind the counter laughingly failed to deliver, and I was left to fly blind. Oh, and did I mention that I was given a 24″ truck to drive around the narrow streets of Hoboken? When I ordered a 17-footer?
-After getting into a minor fender-bender, I was informed that U-HAUL has an official policy of purposedly keeping insurance information well-hidden within the truck, so that accident participants are unable to find it. Let me know, lawyers and lawyers-in-training: this can’t be legal, can it?
Anyway, I’m all set in my new apartment and am very happy- and soon I will be blogging high-speed full-time. Can’t f’n wait.

9 thoughts on “U-HAUL: U SUCK: I’ll spare

  1. Anonymous

    Thats really sad because being a Uhaul Representative we happen to think the customer is beyong the biggest IDIOT of them all for trusting Uhaul to help in there move. U should have notice the warning signs when you did not recieve what you asked for. Finally “I’ve never known anyone who has used U-HAUL and not had a nightmarish experience” should have given you the Biggest reason of them all not to rent from Uhaul.

  2. Anonymous

    If you really learned from this experience please don’t be like the 99.9% of people who go back and rent again thinking Uhaul might be better the next time around.

  3. Russell Little

    I rented a U Haul trailer in Brandon, Fl to tow my classic 1955 Chev pick up to Albany, NY. When I went to pick up trailer the rear tire was cupped and the straps for front tire tie down were shredded and short. I mentioned this to the U haul person and he kicked the tire and said it was fine and said straps are okay. When I loaded the truck at home the straps just fit around tires. The 1400 miles trip was a constant vibration on my Durango. When I arrived at the 139 Broadway U Haul center in Albany, NY I expressed my concern on safety of the trailer and that I should be compensated. I also wanted to document the safety issues so there was a record and this should be fixed prior to renting again. I was told if he wrote cupped tire on report I would have to buy a new tire??? The straps he did not comment but did say the straps must have been caught under tires at some time and got shortened!!! I wanted to elevate issue with Manager but he has less interest that yard guy. I feel I was overcharged but more importantly how do we keep dangerous U Haul rentals off the road. Since it was rented in Florida and returned in New York — is there a Federal Department of Transportation organization that can be consulted? Should the consumer notify U Haul’s insurance carrier — I took pictures of tires and strap downs prior to departure — any suggestions –also –I feel I was over charged, as what I rented was not what was represented!

  4. Craig M. Bryda

    I needed to rent a tow dolly from U-HAUL,,, what an effin joke. I reserved one a week prior to when I was going to need it so I would be sure of having it @ my local U-HAUL dealer. After numerous phone calls and being on hold for forever and listening to their constant barrage of their equiptment and how good they are,,,I finally spoke to a Reservation clerk and he assured me it would be ready and waiting at my local dealer,,, it wasnt,, it was 60 miles away in the wrong direction of where I needed to tow. “Take it or leave it”,, I was told. I needed to take it or risk disappointing my son who’s car was the focus for this trip. I guess that once you reach their self-appointed top of the heap you can abuse customers,,, take their money and wait for the next SUCKER,,, who will undoubtly have some kind of sad tail to tell also. I ask you,,,,,,,,is this any way to run a business,,, guess so cause they are still doing it,,,,,,,,,,,and making money!!!! Peace,,,Craig M. Bryda

  5. Anonymous

    I also had a “reservation” with them for the 24′ truck. On the morning of the move, I and 2 other customers arrived at the location to pick up our “reserved” trucks. They only had 1 truck. Luckily for us, Penske had a new truck for the same price–but Uhaul still refuses to give back that stupid $5 deposit that I don’t feel they deserved!!

  6. Noelle

    I guess I can be added to the ever growing list of dissatisfied UHaul customers. Normally a very strong woman, dealing with UHaul reduced me to tears, and guess what? I got my truck. But why did I have to reach such a point of frustration that I actually cried on the phone to get the truck-well, close to the truck-I had reserved? Instead of a 17 foot truck for 24 hours, I got a 14 foot truck for 8 hours. My move went off without any more trouble and I am in my new home. This is a temporary living arrangement, and I can assure everyone that I will NEVER use UHaul again.

  7. Mohammed Hadi

    Extremely unprofessional, poor and rude service was provided by Uhaul representatives.
    Firstly, we were not provided the truck despite the above reservation. We were never called and had to drive around Baton Rouge trying to find the pickup location, but to no avail as no truck was available.
    Secondly, the customer phone sytem had us on hold multiple times (at least 3-4) for approximately 1 hour each and then would not provide the help.
    Thirdly, phone customer representatives were extremely rude, arrogant and refused to provide guidance or help. In fact one of them (after having us wait for an hour) hung up on us.
    And lastly, Uhaul had the impudence to charge $5 as a token reservation fee to the credit card. Undertsandably a paltry sum but nevertheless unfair (on principle).

  8. Shanon

    On Friday, March 31st at 5:00pm I called the UHAUL center in Feasterville PA to check that my truck was ready to be picked up.
    When I called I spoke with a manager Anthony who was very rude and practically growled when I asked to double check that my truck was ready. When he did check he proceeded to tell me that I only had it until 6am the next morning. I told Anthony that I had it rented until 12pm on April 1st. He said that it was a very big inconvenience for him but he would let the other guy handle it since he screwed it up
    I told Anthony that I could get it back to him by about 10am. He the proceeded to say Listen sweetheart, your little estimation isnt working for me I need you to have it back by ten or youre not getting it I then asked Anthony why he was talking so rudely to me since I was not the one to make the mistake. Anthony then told me that he was talking fine to me but if I wanted him to he could get an attitude. I then asked to speak to a manager since he was being very rude. Anthony then told me I am the manager, you wanna try that again?
    I then told Anthony that I was not trying to start any problems, I just need to get my truck so I can move. With that he said well consider it cancelled and hung up on me.
    With that I was forced to rent a UHUAL truck from a place 30 minutes away IN Bensalem PA and had to have it back by 7am since it was such last minute. I was forced to move half of my things in 2 hours and have it back to the UHAUL late that night.
    Customer Service called and spoke with Anthony and he said that he spoke to me the way he speaks to every customer. Which is fantastic i’m glad they know that they treat people bad and dont care.
    I have worked for many corporations, as I do now and have never in my life treated a customer the way I was treated by that manager. I have never been spoken to with such blatant disrespect. I cannot believe that it is taking me so long to get any kind of information regarding this complaint. This is a complete outrage that a company as well known and respected as yours allows their managers, people who represent the company, to treat the customers like total crap and get away with it.
    Also, to offer someone a $20 VIP voucher when they have a complaint such as this is insulting. What makes you think people will even use UHAUL again after being treated like that? This caused me so much trouble this caused me at 5pm on the 31st of the month when I needed to move. Moving is a very stressful event as it is and when I book a truck ahead of time and have it cancelled when I am on my way to get it I feel completely helpless.
    I feel as though I should be compensated for the mileage or the gas because of how far I had to go to be able to even get a truck such last minute. I had to drive at LEAST an extra 40-50 miles to get the truck to that station and had to pay for the extra gas.
    Just bend over and take i guess… has anyone recieved any compensation back from them?

  9. Carlos

    Don’t be played by U-Haul. They stole money from people and engage in unethical and possibly fraudulent business behaviour.
    I returned the vehicle with more gas than when I receive it (around $30 extra in gas), I asked for a refund and the customer representatives just evaded me. When asking why? They responses were (I talked with more than 5 people):I am just following the policy, I don’t know, I just work for U-Haul, I don’t have the authority to give you a refund and don’t know who may have that authority, etc.
    For one moment I though I was talking with monkeys, but then I realize monkeys are much more smarter.
    Don’t rent U-Haul again, go and give it a chance to another rental truck company.


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