A MAVERICK CHOKE: Ouch. Cuban’s boys looked like they had Game 6 all sown up after three quarters, but for the second straight game in the series a team came back from a huge deficit in the fourth quarter, and the San Antonio Spurs clinched the Western Conference championship and will face the New Jersey Nets in an all-ex-ABA NBA Finals.
The Spurs comeback was largely thanks to heroics from Steve Kerr, who despite the onset of premature rigor mortis, nevertheless managed to hit four consecutive three-pointers to put San Antonio ahead for good. I, like most people watching the game, was under the impression that Kerr had retired three or four years ago; apparently all of the Dallas players thought so as well.
The Spurs-Nets Finals won’t start for over a week, so get ready for plenty of hype based on Nets star Jason Kidd squaring off against the team that he’s been rumored all season to want to sign with. The implication of course will be that if Kidd can’t beat the sure-to-be-favored Spurs, he might join them; it’s an echo of last year’s best Finals joke, which was that the only way Jason Kidd could beat Shaq would be if he married him.
Kidd’s done beating people for the year; my pick is Spurs in 5.

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