AOL BITES: When I logged

AOL BITES: When I logged on to AOL this evening, the top news story listed was some sort of survey of “The Best Companies For Diversity.” Fair enough, except for the accompanying photo: one of Mike Tyson. Strange, I thought- are the AOL machers so clueless about diversity that they decided they needed a picture of a black person and the first they found was Tyson?
I later realized, of course, that the two stories were in fact alternately flashing, and there’d just been a delay in the photos. Tyson was in the news again over his latest psycho pronouncement, that he’d like to once again rape Desiree Washington, the beauty pageant contestant who he was convicted of sexually assaulting a decade ago. Had any other athlete in any other sport said such a thing they’d likely be suspended Bob Ryan-style, although since boxing is a mess of unregulated anarchy, Tyson will likely get off scot-free, once again. Now it’s up to the media to realize that it’s time to start ignoring Tyson, because he’s not only a rapist and violent sociopath, but he’s also a has-been in the ring.
Though on second thought, the juxtaposition of AOL stories could’ve been worse, I suppose. Like, if the “Best Companies for Diversity” had been rotated with a story about, say, Jayson Blair.

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