“PAVANO PITCHED TO SIX BATTERS IN THE FIRST”: Here’s the box score line of the year, by Carl Pavano of the Marlins, starting Friday night’s 25-8 loss to the Red Sox:
C Pavano (L, 6-9)

Yes, Pavano gave up 6 runs in zero innings– that’s right, he didn’t get a single batter out. And to think this is the guy the Red Sox traded for Pedro Martinez… the inning became the first time in baseball history that a team scored 10 runs in the first inning before making an out, thus adding to my theory that every single day of the season, at least one thing happens that has never happened before in baseball history.
On bright side for Carl, the other four Marlins “pitchers” also gave up at least four runs apiece, one of them (Kevin Olsen) even winding up in the hospital after he was hit with a line drive. And we can also expect Pavano to become an instant sabermetric fave: he may have faced six batters and given up six hits and six runs, but he didn’t allow a single walk!

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