9/11/’03: Rachel Lucas has an

9/11/’03: Rachel Lucas has an amazing post (found via Sheila), castigating the networks for their decision not to broadcast any “special” programming on the second anniversary of September 11. At first I thought they had a point, but after reading Rachel’s post I’m not so convinced. The best part:

Do I want to see footage of the planes hitting the buildings? Yes, I do, but I understand why others wouldn’t, especially the tens of thousands of people who loved or knew someone who died because those planes hit those buildings. For me, it’s not watching a loved one die all over again, it’s watching my world change. The moment that second plane comes into view, that moment of pure, undiluted shock when one could see that it was going to hit the second building – that moment changed me fundamentally.


2 thoughts on “9/11/’03: Rachel Lucas has an

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