PLAYOFFS!: This post is not

PLAYOFFS!: This post is not about Jim Mora, although I must register my disappointment that Mora was not mentioned on tonight’s telecast of the game between his two former teams- nor was a montage of Mora press conference meltdowns shown on SportsCenter.
But I digress. The 2003 Major League Baseball playoffs begin on Tuesday, and the first game is the opener of the Twins-Yankees David and Goliath matchup at Yankee Stadium, followed by Braves-Cubs that night, and Red Sox-A’s and Giants-Marlins the following day.
I will of course root for the Twins ’til the end, though I am also very excited about the possible advancement of both the Red Sox and the Cubs. In Boston-Oakland, someone has to be the first “sabermetric team” to win a playoff series, and I very much hope the Cubs crush the loathsome Atlanta Braves like a bug. Indeed, a World Series between Boston and Chicago would be, to quote “Back to the Future,” a paradox- one of those things that can destroy the universe. And even if the Twins lose, we’ll either be treated to another Yankees-A’s clash, or (perhaps best of all) a repeat of ’99’s great Yankees-Sox ALCS.
I am both rooting for and predicting first-round playoff victories by the Twins, Red Sox, Cubs, and Giants, and with the exception of Giants-Marlins, all four will go the full five games.
That’s all I’ve got to say for now, except- how ’bout those Minnesota Vikings? 4-0!

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