ALCS FALLOUT, CONT’D: Don Zimmer will reportedly take over as bench coach for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays who, like his previous employer, are an AL East team that is run from Tampa, Florida. Meanwhile, Grady Little interviewed today for the manager’s job with the Baltimore Orioles. Just what Grady needs- 9 games a year at Fenway!
Meanwhile, Manny Ramirez has cleared waivers and his rights have reverted to the Boston Red Sox. But don’t believe the hype that Ramirez and his contract are “untradeable”- he’s a $100 million player who’s still good. Last year the Rockies were able to trade, to the Braves, the contract of a $100 million player (Mike Hampton) who wasn’t still good, and even got a third team (the Marlins) to facilitate the deal. Considering what happened with the Marlins this year, don’t be so sure another team won’t step up and see their own self-interest in helping to spin Manny out of Boston

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