PACINO… DeNIRO… PAYMER: I’m really looking forward to this new ABC crime drama “Line of Fire,” which debuts next week and looks like it has a chance to rise above the rest of the “Sopranos” rip-offs from the last few years. The twists are many- it’s set in Richmond, Virginia (will there be a Meryl Yourish cameo?), the FBI is personified by ex-“24” wife Leslie Hope and former “ER” babe Leslie Bibb (but apparently not Leslie Nielson), and the mob boss is portrayed by David Paymer, who has had a very similar career as a character actor as James Gandolfini did prior to ‘Sopranos.’ Paymer as a badass- it might just be as satisfying as Kevin Pollak’s thug character turn in “The Usual Suspects.”
It certainly sounds intriguing. But then, “Skin” sounded intriguing too, and we all know what happened there.

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