AN HONOR NOT TO BE NOMINATED: I never really commented on the Oscar nominations that were announced yesterday- honestly I’m upset that “Big Fish” was largely ignored- I’d have liked to see recognition for picture, director, adapted screenplay, production design, and supporting actor Albert Finney, though I guess myself and other fans of the film will have to be content with a Best Original Score nomination.
Of the Best Picture picks I agree with “Lord of the Rings” and “Lost in Translation”; I found “Master and Commander” slightly overrated and “Mystic River” highly overrated, and I haven’t seen “Seabiscuit” yet (it’s #5 in my Netflix queue, however). I don’t care whether or not “Cold Mountain” was nominated or how Harvey feels, though perhaps I’ll care more once I read the Biskind book.
I don’t have much to say about the acting categories or anything else, but I just hope Bill Murray becomes the first Ghostbuster to win an Oscar. But only if he can beat Johnny Depp-as-a-gay-pirate-version-of-Keith Richards in “Pirates of the Carribean.”

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