CHUTZPAH AWARD NOMINEE: This one goes to Rick Salomon, the less-famous co-star of the PHST (Paris Hilton Sex Tape). Salomon, who is thought by most observers to have leaked the tape himself, is suing Paris, her publicists, and her moneybags parents for slander- to the tune of $10 million. But here’s the kicker: the slander charge is due to the Hilton camp’s allegations that Salomon wishes to profit from the tape, but in a document obtained by The Smoking Gun, Salomon offers to settle the suit- if he’s allowed to market the video as a pay-per-view event.
If you thought Paris was a despicable individual, she’s got nothing on this vermin- he’s actually offering to drop a lawsuit if he’s allowed to do what he’s suing them for saying he did. Although don’t think I’m going easy on Ms. Hilton; I’d still love nothing more than to see her hideous, perpetually-blank-expressioned visage wiped clean from my consciousness forever.
If you haven’t seen the PHST yet, I’m not about to link to it, but I am going to link to the transcript. In fact, hasn’t everyone in America with interest in the tape already seen it for free? Why would they pay money for it on pay-per-view?
At any rate, she who puts the “ho” in “hot-blooded hotel heiress” could not be reached for comment by any of the aforementioned parties.

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