WEINER FOR MAYOR: I’m enjoying

WEINER FOR MAYOR: I’m enjoying this new Wonkette blog, the latest from Gawker Media- doing for DC political and social gossip what Gawker did for New York, Gizmodo did for gadgets and Fleshbot did for porn.
Anyway, today Wonkette came up with a hell of a scoop, pointing out a line in this morning’s edition of ABC’s The Note which made reference to Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY)’s, uh, proclivities with the ladies:

Thank goodness Howard Dean won’t be [the Democratic] nominee he is a dead man walking. This is the loudest Democratic sigh of relief since Anthony Weiner got a phone call telling him that the test came back negative.

This line was posted, probably as a joke, and was rescinded minutes later. Weiner’s supposedly running for mayor next year- provided a similar thing doesn’t happen to Gifford Miller or Freddy Ferrer, he’s got my vote.

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