Monthly Archives: January 2004


BLOGGER BASHED, CONT’D: Remember that Blogger Bash that was held last weekend, the one I missed because I didn’t know about it? It was held at an almost universally panned venue called AZ (see Paul Katcher’s account, among others)- and perhaps indicating the growing power of the Blogosphere, AZ closed earlier this week. Serves ’em right for being so rude to the bloggers, even if I wasn’t one of them.


“SANTA WITH MUSCLES,” THE SEQUEL: Wrestling star Bill Goldberg will star in a comedy/horror film called “Santa’s Slay,” set to begin production later this year. Sounds like a “Bad Santa”-type film, which is okay except for three caveats: 1) “Bad Santa” wasn’t that good, 2) Pro wrestlers have a bit of a checkered history when it comes to Christmas movies, and 3) What’s a proud Jew like Goldberg doing in a Christmas movie?


HAPPY HALF-BIRTHDAY TO ME: Today is my half-birthday, as I am now officially 25-and-a-half years old. I’m not sure if there are any adults anywhere on Earth who actually celebrate their half-birthdays; when I was growing up it was a gimmick in elementary school in order to make kids with summer birthdays not “feel bad” that their birthday never fell during the school year. Then again, since the school year lasts more than six months, some kids got to have both birthdays and half birthdays- and what if your birthday was December 30? That way you’re always on vacation and never get sung “Happy Birthday” by the class. See, it’s paradoxes like this that are the reason our educational system in this country is in such trouble.


I DON’T KNOW WHAT I HATE MORE ABOUT LIVING IN BOSTON- THE SNOW, OR THE NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY: This quote, contributed by Peter Gammons during the 1996 election, was apropos for this year’s contest, as inches of snow dropped on the Granite State on primary night. John Kerry won, with Howard Dean finishing a distant second and, unfortunately, Wesley Clark beating out John Edwards for third. Joe Lieberman is now likely done, and I was hoping Clark would drop out too. But it looks like we’ll be stuck with Michael Moore’s boy for at least one more week.
Next week: Seven states, including South Carolina and Missouri; we may know the winner after that.


THE SNOW, THE NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY, OR QUITTING THE CELTICS?: The same day that the man he replaced, Rick Pitino, ended the shortest medical leave of absence in the history of medical leaves of absence, Jim O’Brien today resigned as head coach of the Boston Celtics. The resignation, which came due to disagreements with the team’s personnel boss Danny Ainge, means that an astonishing 14 of the 15 teams in the Eastern Conference have changed coaches since the end of last season.
While it would absolutely kick ass if the Celtics hired Pat Riley as their coach, that’s not too likely; Byron Scott, however, remains a possibility. But for now the C’s will be led by assistant John Carroll, one of approximately 10,000 men named “John Carroll” in the greater Boston area (another was my journalism professor, and has a blog); in contrast, there are only roughly 5,000 Jim O’Briens. And no Rick Pitinos.