A BIN LADEN CONSPIRACY?: To hear Dave Taylor of the Naples Daily News tell it, a US capture of Osama Bin Laden is “imminent,” and Fox News knows it. Taylor speculates that the Bush Administration has Bin Laden in their immediate sights and that’s why FNC reporter Bret Baier has been dispatched to the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. And since FNC is the most pro-Bush network, administration sources gave them the heads-up so they could have the exclusive on OBL’s capture, with Fox’s sure-to-be-fawning coverage sure to help Bush politically.
Aside from the complete lack of any hard evidence whatsoever, it’s an interesting conspiracy theory, though I am prepared to eat my words if it does come off like that. But if US forces have been chasing Bin Laden around that region for the past two and a half years, why are they so sure he’s about to be caught now? And wouldn’t having a reporter nearby tip al-Qaeda off that the forces are about to swoop in?
Besides, you’d think that if a Bin Laden capture really were “imminent,” that they would’ve sent Geraldo.

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