He Should Hire Frank Costanza’s Lawyer

On the heels of Jake the Snake killing his own snake and Brutus The Bioterror Beefcake, weve got yet another wrestlers-behaving-badly story: The WWE and three wrestlers Dustin Goldust Runnels, Scott Razor Ramon Hall, and The Nature Boy, Ric Flair- are being sued for sexual harassment by a flight attendant because of their behavior on a chartered international flight:

The suit alleges Flair wore only a jeweled cape, flashed his penis and forced a flight attendant to touch his crotch. It claims that Hall asked a flight attendant to give him oral sex and licked the face of another attendant. Runnels, the suit says, grabbed one attendant and said they were going to have sex.

Both Hall and Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig were fired for their drunken behavior on that May 2002 flight; a few months later Hennig was dead of a drug overdose.
As for Ric Flairs role, I dont know whats sadder: that hes still an active professional wrestler at the age of 55, or that he was able to board an international flight wearing only a jeweled cape. If we cant stop shit like that from happening, why even bother having a Department of Homeland Security?

1 thought on “He Should Hire Frank Costanza’s Lawyer

  1. Judi Gleeman

    Ric Flair is a local Minneapolis product. Father was/is an Edina doctor. I knew him in college (as I too will be 55 this year). Do we think that “group” of wrestlers were cocktailing a bit before boarding the plane? Rick’s first wife was a great “Jewish” girl from St. Paul and I believe they had a son (David) together. Remember products of the 60’s thought sexual harassment was a normal way of life.


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