The New New York Press

The NYC alternative paper New York Press, for which Ive written from time to time, has launched a re-design this week- its third, in fact, since Jeff Koyen took over the editors chair just over a year ago. The paper is now going by NYP: New York Press, and I like it- much better than the Village Voices awful new design scheme.
The first issue of the latest new era features the papers second annual 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers list. A few observations:
– They apparently decided to disqualify anyone who was on last years list, which means obvious suspects such as Ted Rall, Michael Moore, and 03 winner Keith Blanchard were ineligible.
– Rather than obvious choice Michael Bloomberg, NYP decided to give the #1 spot to his predecessor as mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Bad move- regardless of what we thought of him pre-9/11, the man is a national hero. And whats he done in the past year besides lay low?
– Even more unforgivable: Anti-Defamation League head Abe Foxman is #37- Im not a big fan of Foxman myself, but does this supposedly mainstream paper really need to share bizarre conspiracy theories about the ADL, much less endorse the notoriously anti-Semitic book The Holocaust Industry? The ADL was bashed as “liberal” during the ‘Passion’ controversy; now apparently Foxman is “Likud’s point man.”
– Best quote: in bashing former NYSE head Richard Grasso (#28): When calls you dangerous, you’re either Hugo Chavez or a Wall St. monster so grotesque you threaten to bring down the house on the whole party.
– While I find it hard to object to the inclusion of Bud Selig (#36) on any most loathsome list, in this case hes out of place, as he neither lives nor works in New York, and runs MLB out of Milwaukee.
– Also included, at #15, is Gawker editor Choire Sicha and NYP makes clear, in case you were wondering, that yes, folks, that’s pronounced Cory, and yes, it’s a dude. No response yet from Sicha, though when Elizabeth Spiers edited Gawker she would post e-mails from Koyen that called her a nasty little cunt.
– The bashing of Joan Rivers (#30), Sarah Jessica Parker (#13), Bonnie Fuller (#27), and the Hilton sisters (#26) is welcome, unoriginal as the targets may be. And its interesting to point out that NYPs most loathsome idea was pretty much ripped off from a similar piece in the Buffalo Beast last year- that Beast article included Parker and called her a woman’s idea of what a sexy woman looks like; NYP this week says when girls think another girl is beautiful, but guys know she isn’t, call it the Sarah Jessica Parker syndrome.
– Janeane Garofalo (#9) is called a liberal Dennis Miller with tits. Somehow not as biting as when the Beast called Ann Coulter Goebbels with tits.
And outside the Loathsome list theres a convincing piece by Matt Taibbi comparing the metrosexual craze to Communism.

2 thoughts on “The New New York Press

  1. Joe

    I kind of agree with the NY Press’ assessment of “Lost in Translation” as “the most pretentious, overrated movie of last year” – it had its fine points, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as most people.


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