Disrespecting Pat

An idiot grad student in Massachusetts decided to write a column bashing American hero Pat Tillman for joining the Army Rangers and going to Afghanistan, accusing him of indulging in Rambo fantasies while participating in the unjust (?) war against the Taliban. Tillman, the student argues, got what was coming to him.
Im not going name the guy or link to his piece, because hes already gotten way more attention than he deserves. Micheles already done the full fisking, and the UMass-based Campus Press Notes has more. But what Im wondering is why ESPN.com decided this guys stupid rant was an actual story worth mentioning. Oh well, if the student gets a beat-down or two for his efforts, I cant say itll upset me for a second.
Really, if you had to think of a left-wing corollary to the rhymes with tigger incident at Brandeis, this would be it, no?

2 thoughts on “Disrespecting Pat

  1. The Galvin Opinion


    (Below is email info for Rene Gonzalez, published on UMass website – Gonzalez has a history of outgrageous comments while at UMass) – Gonzalez also protested against the Patriot Act last December. He compared the United States to Nazi Germany and Pre…


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