The Best Minds of My Generation

Had drinks last night in Manhattan with Sheila, Bill, and Jim Moran at Bellevue on 40th St.- which is a legitimate heavy-metal dive bar where the tattoos and cowboy hats are worn unironically- dont give me any of this Coyote Ugly/Village Idiot wacker crap.
Its the sort of bar where, as Sheila relayed, the two TVs once simultaneously played a Ron Jeremy-era hardcore porn film, and a biopic of Evel Knievel. But really, any time in the last 20 years could safely be called the Ron Jeremy era; this would be like referring to a baseball game as being from the Rickey Henderson Era.
Anyway, great to hang out with some friends and fellow bloggers; we of course spent four hours discussing sports, politics, movies, and whether the bar had anything to do with Allen Ginsburgs from park to pad to bar to Bellevue.

6 thoughts on “The Best Minds of My Generation

  1. Captain Rewrite and the Shhhh Brigade

    Captain Rewrite and the Shhhh Brigade
    Capt: GET ME REWRITE!!! Semicolons are nice. Dont get us wrong, we like them well enough. They are, however, like professional drunks: one or two can be fun, but too many in too small a space and youre cleaning vomit out of the drapes for weeks.
    I digress.
    So far this month, youve managed to pepper half your posts with semicolons. Through the first Pat Tillman entry youve used 43 semicolons in 86* posts. Thats a lot of compound sentences.
    And this is no new phenomenon. For the year, youve used 199 semicolons in the space of 453 posts for a batting average of .439. Four thirty nine!
    Shhh: Captain? Captain? You still with us? Last time you started in on semicolons it took four firemen and half a bottle of Lithium to get you out of the tree. Just calm down, fix yourself a drink, and this will all be over soon enough.
    Look, in the handful of posts we actually managed to read all the way through, the semicolons seem to be used correctly, if not without airs. Remember, as Strunk and White said in the fourth edition of The Elements of Style , A comma is preferable whenthe tone of the sentence is easy and conversational.
    Its a little known fact, but that sentence is not in the earlier editions of The Elements, as nothing prior to 1979 was easy, and conversation had only been invented three years prior, on a farm somewhere near Joliet.
    We also digress.
    So, just ask yourself: is this weblog a conversation or a dissertation?
    *The brigade, although cantankerous at times and long-winded at others, is a whiz with the computers. While compiling the semicolon statistics, they were kind enough to run the last few months of the weblog through the auto-summary wringer. Heres what came out: The Capt.
    The Carmela Show
    News 4. If Not For You
    News Item
    Big Game
    News Item
    NEWS ITEM: UPN Show Is
    BASEBALL: Michael
    It’s only matter of time, right?
    11. Star Wars (1977)
    23. 12 Angry Men (1957)
    77. Ran (1985)
    79. Modern Times (1936)
    8-0: “The Sports Guy” Bill
    DIRTY OLD MAN: Howard Stern
    (Times story).
    Auto summary idea stolen brazenly from Guy.

  2. Stephen Silver

    Um, do I know you? ‘Cause if not, it’s a bit creepy of you to be going through my two years of posts and counting the semi-colons. At any rate, you’ve been banned, so have a nice life.


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