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Quote of the Day

“Eagleton memorably calls this ‘the gradual darkening of the dissident mind’ and devotes many excellent pages in the first third of the book to documenting it. His pet hate is West-centred narcissism, a vice that he presents in its most stark form in the inconsequential topics cultural theorists now choose to study. Researching the history of pubic hair while half the world’s population lacks adequate sanitation is a particularly poignant example.”

James Wood, reviewing academic theorist Terry Eagleton’s new book, in The New Republic.
The history of pubic hair, huh? That would certainly be an interesting senior thesis, especially the merkin chapter. But how can it be so wrong to focus on such a topic, when there’s a sociological point to be made of the fact that Brazilian women appear to have easier access to bikini waxes than they do to adequate sanitation?

Perfidious Princesses, Cont’d

This interview in the NYT Magazine with “Bergdorf Blondes” author Plum Sykes made me gag, as I’m sure it did for any reasonable individual reading it:

“These girls are quite serious about finding an A.T.M. An A.T.M. is a rich boyfriend. New York girls have a code they speak in. When they say they have to find an M.I.T., they don’t mean they have to go to college. They mean they have to find a mogul in training.”

Nice to see they’re, uh, “serious” about something. But luckily, Edward Champion is here to run Miss Sykes through the ringer.

The Anti-Atkins Gravy Train Continues

Make that low-carb gravy, of course.
This guy is suing the Atkins organization for the almost comically low sum of $28,000, alleging that the diet caused his cholesterol to rise. The suit is- as if I had to tell you- backed by the radical pro-vegan group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, undoubtedly seeking precedent to go after the deep-pocketed Atkins estate many more times in the future.
As for me, after four months I’m down 24 pounds and counting…

The Great White Wail

This piece on Salon details a movie trend that’s been annoying me lately: the repeated soundtrack motif of a vaguely ethnic-sounding female wail. It was there in “Gladiator” and “Passion of the Christ,” and was so omnipresent in the recent “Troy” that I found it a distraction.
Supposedly directors and soundtrack supervisors love the “lone female voice chanting in a nameless tongue, pouring out her melodious lament like a widow over a fresh grave.” But I think it sucks; it makes me want to slit my wrists, if I don’t fall asleep first.

What I Love About the Blogosphere: A Chronology

Tuesday: A reader and Twins fan named Dave, after noticing on a Google search that I once mentioned the 1988 lawn fistfight between then-Twins Dan Gladden and Steve Lombardozzi, e-mails me asking if I remember what the specifics were of the fight.
Wednesday: I laughingly write back that while I certainly remember the fight, I don’t recall a whole lot of specifics and besides, I was only ten years old at the time. So I suggest Dave contact another of the pro-Twins bloggers for help in answering his question.
Thursday: Dave sends the same e-mail to Bat Girl- who not only describes the action, but posts a LEGO re-enactment of the fight! Complete with a green floor to simulate Gladden’s lawn.
Is this a great Blogosphere, or what?

Trolls and the Trolling Trollers

Asparagirl comes at us with one of the better blog posts I’ve ever seen directed at an individual troll. For instance:

no matter what action the terrorists may take against us in the future, it’s not our fault. Not because we haven’t done things that might have pissed them off–we’re supposed to be doing things that piss them off!–but because there is no excuse for terrorism. Period. Being justifiably pissed off at prison abuse doesn’t justify Nick Berg’s unjustifiable beheading. Being justifiably pissed off at Action X does not in any universe correctly lead to Unjustifiable Terrorist Act Y.

Normally I advocate ignoring such folks, and maybe they’ll go away. But if in results in great stuff like this, I make an exception.

Quote of the Day

“The Wizards had better not take a high school kid. If they do, people should burn their season tickets.” –Michael Wilbon, reacting to Washington’s #5 placement in the NBA Draft. I’m still at work every day at 5:30 so I haven’t seen “PTI” in months, so I have to make do with Wilbon and TK’s columns.