Blog Addiction

I thought my blogging habit- 7-10 posts a day, usually all in one sitting- was time-consuming. The NYT tells us about people who literally can’t stop blogging. It’s better than the Times’ usual blog coverage, but then that’s not saying much. A year from now, expect the paper to publish a lengthy mea culpa about how it got the whole thing wrong repeatedly.

1 thought on “Blog Addiction

  1. bloganon

    Hey Stephen,
    fyi: If you use the New York Times Link Generator for NY Times article links, like the one for the article you linked to within this particular post of yours, using as the original NY Times URL, it comes out to be:
    In this way people will not have to register and will have easy and free access to the article, especially once the period is over when the paper begins charging for access to article after either a week or two or whatever it is.
    Using this methind you can actually go back and change the URL in pervious posts as long as you have the original URL (nothing after the .html counts, so do not include that when you try using the link generator to create the *Public Use* link, etc.


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