The Anti-Atkins Gravy Train Continues

Make that low-carb gravy, of course.
This guy is suing the Atkins organization for the almost comically low sum of $28,000, alleging that the diet caused his cholesterol to rise. The suit is- as if I had to tell you- backed by the radical pro-vegan group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, undoubtedly seeking precedent to go after the deep-pocketed Atkins estate many more times in the future.
As for me, after four months I’m down 24 pounds and counting…

2 thoughts on “The Anti-Atkins Gravy Train Continues

  1. jaws

    He’s seeking what seems like such a small amount for damanges. Perhaps that’s a good thing compared to the astronomical amounts we usually see in other cases. It’ll be interesting to see if this case makes it to trial


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