Perfidious Princesses, Cont’d

This interview in the NYT Magazine with “Bergdorf Blondes” author Plum Sykes made me gag, as I’m sure it did for any reasonable individual reading it:

“These girls are quite serious about finding an A.T.M. An A.T.M. is a rich boyfriend. New York girls have a code they speak in. When they say they have to find an M.I.T., they don’t mean they have to go to college. They mean they have to find a mogul in training.”

Nice to see they’re, uh, “serious” about something. But luckily, Edward Champion is here to run Miss Sykes through the ringer.

2 thoughts on “Perfidious Princesses, Cont’d

  1. Dan Sichel

    Did you read the cover story?
    It was apparently either written by a teenager posing as an adult, or an adult posing as a teenager, but either way, from the first paragraph, it became painfully obvious that the author seems never to have met a teenager before writing the article.

  2. red

    I read the first page of her stupid book and it … made me pissed. She thinks she’s being witty and ironic, like Truman Capote or something – but she actually is just defending her stupid lifestyle. Ick.


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