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Selig Sucks, Cont’d

In the second part of the Washington Post’s three-part series, read all about how Bud Selig prevented the Montreal Expos’ necessary move to the DC area in 1998, and later engineered a very possibly illegal deal that flipped the ownership of that team, the Marlins, and the Red Sox.
The only funny part is a quote from Florida State Sen. Kendrick Meek, who you may remember from the 2000 recount battle, comparing the commissioner to “Johnny Soprano.”


I saw it Saturday night, and judging by talking to friends, just about everyone in America saw it as well- enough people, indeed, for it to hit #1 at the domestic box office. My full review will be posted tomorrow night, but in the meantime here’s an excerpt:

It’s entertaining at times and heartbreaking at others, and political opponents of Moore (myself included) are likely to have fun taking it apart point by point. But propaganda, alas, it remains. In the end, “Fahrenheit 9/11” is both a highly demagogic and highly dishonest piece of work, full of the same irrational fearmongering that Moore so claims to despise. And it’s very clear that its Palme d’Or, and all its subsequent acclaim, has come not despite these facts, but rather because of them.