‘Roll Call XVI

Blog: Patio Pundit
Blogger: Martin Devon
Location: Los Angeles
Have I Met Him?: No
Why Hes on the Roll: One of the first blogs I read, PatioPundit is the blog of a very funny Jewish Californian who follows politics with a keen, right-of-center eye.
Best. Post. Ever.: A look at why many natural supporters of Joe Lieberman (myself included) didnt support him.
Blog: PaulFrankenstein.org
Blogger: Paul Frankenstein
Location: New York
Have I Met Him?: Yes
Why Hes on the Roll: A fixture in the New York blog scene, Paul is also an accomplished web designer. He also recently returned from several weeks in Hong Kong.
Best. Post. Ever.: The time he caught the New York Post plagiarizing from the IMDB, landing him a mention in a Daily News gossip column a few days later.
Blog: Paul Katcher.com: A View From Manhattans Upper West Side
Blogger: Paul Katcher
Location: New York
Have I Met Him?: No
Why Hes on the Roll: My soon-to-be neighbor runs a blog covering sports, bars, strip clubs, and other things of interest to males the world over, including lots of stripper and bartender interviews. Like Maxim, only a lot funnier and smarter- and now Paul is about to become a columnist for ESPNs Page 3.
Best. Post. Ever.: A review of the rap album by Macho Man Randy Savage.
Blog: A Picture of Me
Blogger: C
Location: New York
Have I Met Her?: Yes
Why Shes on the Roll: I met C at the Blogger Bash a few weeks ago, and Ive since gotten into her blog- and shes even cool enough to link to Napoleon Dynamites IMDB page.
Best. Post. Ever.: Shoes, and more shoes.
Blog: The Politboro Diktat
Blogger: The Commissar
Location: The Kremlin
Have I Met Him?: No
Why Hes on the Roll: This guy parodies the left from the right, complete with funny Communist imagery.
Best. Post. Ever.: His map of the Blogosphere, which is legendary.
Blog: Pork is Not a Verb
Blogger: MayorKL and Misthop
Location: ?
Have I Met Him?: One of them, maybe
Why Theyre on the Roll: This funny blog bases its name on a Simpsons reference, and one of its authors is allegedly a guy I went to college with.
Best. Post. Ever.: Something I never noticed before when looking at the stars.
Blog: Practical Penumbra
Blogger: Susie
Location: ?
Have I Met Her?: No
Why Shes on the Roll: An associate of both the Bloviating Inanities crowd and Bloggers With Boobies, Susies blog has a cat with a sword at the top, which is really all you need to know.
Best. Post. Ever.: The best-ever Kurt Russell movies.
Blog: Press Think
Blogger: Jay Rosen
Location: New York
Have I Met Him?: Yes
Why Hes on the Roll: This NYU journalism professor is one of the Blogospheres foremost theorists; hes currently up in Boston blogging the convention.
Best. Post. Ever.: The idea of journalism as a religion.
Blog: Professor Quotes
Blogger: ?
Location: ?
Have I Met Him?: ?
Why Its on the Roll: A compendium of quotes by university professors that are submitted by readers, ProfQuotes continues a feature from the old Brandeis humor magazine Gravity.
Best. Post. Ever.: Why socialism doesnt work.
Blog: Protocols
Blogger: Luke Ford, et. al
Location: Various locations
Have I Met Him?: No
Why Hes on the Roll: This Jewish-themed group blog passed from Steven I. Weiss leadership to Luke Fords a few months ago, and still provides trenchant and funny analysis of Jewish issues.
Best. Post. Ever.: A photo I never thought Id see.

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