‘Roll Call XVII

Blog: RachelLucas.com, or Piquant Rants and Sassy Impudence
Blogger: Rachel Lucas
Location: Texas
Have I Met Her?: No
Why Shes On the Roll: Rachel, who returned recently from several months MIA, blogs solidly from the conservative side, but occasionally shell lob a bomb in the other direction.
Best. Post. Ever.: An amazing post (no longer online) about the lackluster media coverage of the second anniversary of 9/11.
Blog: Ramblings Journal
Blogger: Michael H. King
Location: Atlanta
Have I Met Him: No
Why Hes On the Roll: Michael, a black conservative whose background is in radio, also runs a Leadership Network called Project 21. I may make fun of Hannity & Colmes, but King has actually appeared on it.
Best. Post. Ever.: A joke about that Kerry-space suit thing, making a Willy Wonka joke, as opposed to the more obvious Woody Allen reference.
Blog: Ramen & Red Bull
Blogger: Dave Wagz
Location: Boston
Have I Met Him?: No
Why Hes On the Roll: Dave talks about sports and politics, and tends to be partial towards the Democrats and Red Sox, respectively.
Best. Post. Ever.: Some stuff about Netflix.
Blog: Red Letter Day
Blogger: Mike Silverman
Location: Lawrence, KS
Have I Met Him?: No
Why Hes On the Roll: One of the original Kosher Scoop Jacksons, Mike is gay (but is sort of conservative) and lives near Kansas City (but roots for the Cubs!) Also, his civil union was performed by a rabbi who was on the faculty at my camp when I was 12.
Best. Post. Ever.: A satirical look at that Roy Moore nonsense in Alabama.
Blog: Roger L. Simon
Blogger: Roger L. Simon
Location: Los Angeles
Have I Met Him?: No
Why Shes On the Roll: An Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, Roger wrote the film Enemies: A Love Story, which starred this blogs patron saint Ron Silver. Now hes one of the Blogospheres leading voices, complete with an always-vibrant comments section.
Best. Post. Ever.: Last years Gregg Easterbrook flap, of which he was at the center.
Blog: Romenesko
Blogger: Jim Romenesko
Location: Chicago
Have I Met Him?: No
Why Hes On the Roll: The favorite blog of the elite media, Romenesko (formerly Media News) covers the business and ethics of media, and played a leading role in the ouster of New York Times editor Howell Raines.
Best. Post. Ever.: The time he tackled last falls racial scandal at Brandeis.

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