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Wrestling With the Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings today announced that they have signed former professional wrestler Brock Lesnar to a contract and invited him to training camp. Lesnar, a former national champion wrestler at the University of Minnesota, later won the world championship in WWE, but abruptly walked away from pro wrestling last spring in order to try his hand at professional football, a sport he hasnt played since high school.
I guess if Jesse Ventura can be governor, Brock Lesnar can be a defensive lineman for the Vikings. However, his first steroid test, whenever it happens, may very well shatter the Unintentional Comedy Scale.

An announcement: The third annual Length of Manhattan Walk- beginning at 220th Street and ending at Battery Park- is officially scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 22, and is being co-organized by LilB and myself. Were also trying to organize some sort of charitable cause, and are open to ideas.
Its a lot of fun; heres a description of the first one.

Hard Blog is Gonna Fall

Due in part to their ingenious decision to put their anchor desk right in front of Faneuil Hall, I watched several hours of MSNBCs Democratic convention preview coverage last night, including a great, tough interview of weasel-like DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe by Chris Matthews.
But theres one decision by the Hardball gang that Im not so enthusiastic about: theyve started a new group blog called Hardblogger. Ugh, what a horrible name. It reminds me of when the WWE bought WCW, and floated the idea of starting a TV show called WCW Hard-On Saturday Night.

Your Olympic Hero Says Goodbye

I knew it was coming, but Im still upset: the Minnesota Twins appear on the verge of trading first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz. According to the Star Tribune, Your Olympic Hero (so called because he was a star of the 2000 US Olympic baseball team) has been told he will soon be dealt, most likely either to the Pirates or Red Sox, so that the Twins can make slugging rookie Justin Nosferatu Mourneau their starting first baseman for the next decade or so.
Its quite a sad day- Mientkiewicz has been my favorite Twin ever since the start of their renaissance four years ago, and Im enough of a fan that I both know how to spell and pronounce his name, and own a Doug Mientkiewicz jersey. There are only two silver linings I can see here- Morneau may turn out to be the second-best first baseman in Twins history, and if Doug goes to the Pirates Minny will likely get top pitcher Kris Benson in return. Mientkiewicz is generally conceded to have the best-looking wife of any Twin, but then Benson is married to this woman.
For more on Dougs last night in town, check out the holy trinity of Twins bloggers: Aaron Gleeman, Bat Girl, and TwinsGeek.
(UPDATE: The original report was 24 hours ago, and still no trade. Hmm.)

I havent joined the official ESPN boycott urged by that Mercury News columnist last week, but I do plan to observe it temporarily for the next five days, for two reasons: theyve got musical guests (yes, musical guests) on SportsCenter this week, and theyve decided to fire respected NBA reporter David Aldridge, apparently preferring the snide bloviations of Stephen A. Smith and Co. Shameful. At least Aldridge is rumored to be landing on TNT.

Roll Call XV

Blog: Ocean, aka Somewhere on A1A
Blogger: Jim
Location: Hotly Contested Florida
Have I Met Him? No
Why Hes on the Roll A Jewish guy blogging about Jewish themes, Jim regularly goes after such foes as Yasser Arafat, the European press and the French with gleeful zeal.
Best. Post. Ever.: Some offbeat replies to that honest blogger meme.
Blogger: Oliver Willis
Location: DC (formerly Boston)
Have I Met Him? Yes
Why Hes on the Roll O Dub, who I met at the Harvard blog conference a few months ago, is one of the nations most highly regarded liberal political bloggers- and that was before he was getting paid to do it.
Best. Post. Ever.: A 9/11 anniversary post.
Blog: Off Wing Opinion
Blogger: Eric McErlain
Location: DC area
Have I Met Him? No
Why Hes on the Roll One of the smartest sports blogs on the web, Off Wing mostly covers hockey but also makes frequent forays into baseball, as well as the business of all of the above- sprinkling with an healthy amount of ESPN-bashing.
Best. Post. Ever.: Erics free market sports manifesto.
Blog: Oxblog
Blogger: Josh Chavetz, David Adesnik, et. al.
Location: Oxford University (among other places)
Have I Met Them? No
Why Theyre on the Roll Probably the best blog still on Blogspot, Oxblog consists of the ruminations of several Oxford students and their cohorts, looking at the political situation at home and abroad.
Best. Post. Ever.: A look by Josh at vitriol in blog comments.

Not-So-Sweet ‘Revenge’

The third and final Star Wars prequel will be called Revenge of the Sith. But what are they getting revenge from? Pretty much all the bad guys did in the second one was win, except for the thirty-second Yoda fight scene (also, coincidentally, the only exciting 30 seconds of the movie).
Ill see it, but my hopes arent high. Then again, since all that will happen in the movie is the good guys dying, maybe itll have a Passion of the Christ vibe.