As of 4:00 this afternoon, the 2004 Republican platform- which was completed last Thursday and ratified yesterday- had not yet been posted to the RNCs website, which still has the 2000 version. It was, however, posted- in its 92-page entirety (PDF link)– on the New York Times website this morning. So I dont want to hear any of this liberal bias shit ever again, got it?
Another funny factoid: On its front page, Bushs name appears two times; Kerrys name appears 20 times.
Not that Im giving the NYT a pass today- they ran two very questionable op-eds: One by radio personality Katherine Lanpher, who was apparently considerably less emotionally mature about her Minnesota-to-Manhattan move in her 40s than I was when I did the same thing at 22; and another by Rigoberta Menchu, the former Nobel Peace Prize winner who I THOUGHT had been exposed as a total fraud years ago.

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