2 thoughts on “Again With the Damn Draft

  1. zoey

    Even though there is no evidence for one, I can understand the concern. With the military stretched so thin, and rumors of an attack on Iran, not to mention what would happen if we got attacked again here.
    I know I’d feel a lot better if someone would not only say: no draft, but explain where the additional troops will come from if there is another crisis. Because we seem to be running thin.
    And put this issue to bed already.

  2. Emily

    Bah, these rumors started amid proposed legislation introduced over two years ago and referred to committee, where it was presumably killed. It had 25 sponsors total in both houses – all Democrats. It’s amazing how many times I’ve seen this non-story as a prop for a “look at what the evil Bushhitler regime is trying to force on us” argument.


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