Debate I

I’ll be watching the presidential debate tonight at the San Marcos Bar on St. Marks Place with a supposedly bipartisan cast of bloggers and other political observers. Analysis of the debate and the just-as-important media coverage will come later tonight- because, after more than two months in my apartment, I finally got cable and high speed internet today.
UPDATE: I only saw the first third and last third of the debate, but from what I saw, Kerry won. He was on tonight- which was especially noteworthy, because Kerry’s not on often. The start of another comeback, or a last hurrah? The next month will tell.
More tomorrow. I’m blogging on the high-speed modem with MSNBC in the background- our long dial-up nightmare is over.

2 thoughts on “Debate I

  1. LilB

    i can’t say i’m rooting for the yankees, but i will say this: i’m rooting for Oakland to win out, so that the Sox play Oakland in a rematch of last year’s wacky, wild ALDS. that will also give Minny a chance to knock out the Yankees in the first round, giving us a Sox-Minny ALCS.


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