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Brock and Scott

There was an extremely bizarre item in last weeks Sports Illustrated about the very close friendship between University of Miami quarterback Brock Berlin and Scott Stapp, former frontman for the now-defunct Worst Band on Earth, Creed. The two men, separated in age by almost a decade, are so close, in fact, that Stapp recently moved to the Miami area to be closer to Berlin. Hmm. Are there jealousy issues related to the breakup of the pseudo-Christian band Creed that we dont know about?
The story isnt online but an SI on Campus version is, and it describes the two men as best friends forever (?), and reveals both that Stapps son calls Berlin Uncle Brock, and that it was Berlins mother who taught Stapp how to sing. Oh, so its HER fault.
Also in Sports Illustrated, a special appearance by Aaron Gleeman. The next day, I saw an Everybody Loves Raymond re-run in which Rays sportswriter character is plagued with feelings of inadequacy because his writings have never appeared in SI.

Quote of the Day

When Bud Selig dies I am going to go to his grave and dig up some worms. I am going to take those worms and go fishing. I am going to take the fish I catch and feed it to my cat. I am going to take the litter out of my cats litter box and take it to the dump. Then I am going to check back at the dump in two weeks and look where I dumped the cat litter so I can say that I watched maggots engage in cannibalism.
Best Regards,

John, from the blog known as “Synaptic Flatulence.”
(Hat tip Colby Cosh, via Off Wing)

Down the Well

The Jewish performing arts/merchandiser known as Jewcy is selling this T-shirt:

And is using this slogan:

War, huh…what is it good for? Relive the magic of that first protest with this limited edition T-shirt. There will always be mishegas somewhere, but couldnt we work it out over a bagel and a nosh?

I love a lot of the stuff Jewcy does. But come on- lets look at the mishegas going on in the world right now- do you really think those responsible are going to respond to a request for bagel and nosh from an organization with the word Jew in their name?

BofM 04

New York Press Best of Manhattan issue for 2004 hit the street today, and it contains my first appearance in NYP since last years BofM. While the entire thing is unbylined and written in the editorial we, go to the Media and Politics section and scroll down to the Dick Morris item- thats mine.
I want to especially thank senior editor Alex Zaitchik, who agreed to publish me even though I once, on here, all but called him and the paper anti-Semitic.

Were Kermit and Piggy friends or lovers? Stephanie Klein has her own theory, in a post that starts with the phrase Im Miss Piggy:

Miss Piggy went with a safe bet, falling for her rainbow connection man for his green pad and keyhole eyes. She was wise to lunge for the good guy. That wild pig needed someone safe; she’s reckless with everything else, from her Karate moves to her motorcycle tricks… that woman needed a sweet man to ground her and let her glisten.

“Very, very good friends” my ass.