3 thoughts on “One Win Away

  1. Jeff S

    The ALCS was easily one of the most exciting ever.
    – Anyone remember gm 1? Mussina had a perfect game into the 7th! Still boston almost won. Only gm 2 really wasn’t that memorable.
    The thing I like most about Boston is how much they suffered and yet still the fans come back for more. Gm 4, fans brought “believe” signs and painted their faces. C’mon, any other baseball fan would have accepted that their team was beat. Especially after the beat-down from gm 3.
    Some people say St. Louis has the best fans. Let’s see if they show up with the boo-birds, or with the face paint.
    In my mind, for at least during the off-season, Boston is alright.

  2. LilB

    dude, remember last year, when the Fenway groundskeepers painted the World Series logo on the field too early? The curse drought isn’t over until the last out is in the books.


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