The Curse Has Been Broken

Words I never thought I’d write: The Boston Red Sox are World Champions.
The Sox swept the Cardinals- the team with the best record in baseball- never trailing at any point in the series. Congratulations to all of my friends and readers who are Red Sox fans, and others who have been waiting for this moment for their entire lives. For some more stories of that kind, check out the soon-to-be-legendary “Win It For” thread on Sons of Sam Horn. And of course, Bill Simmons tomorrow.
On a personal note, this year continues my streak of seeing the final out of the World Series every year since 1985. But ’91 was the only year that I saw it in person.
UPDATE: Yes, Fox’s coverage of the postseason pretty much sucked from start to finish. But their closing credits of the Series contained a masterstroke: it closed with the still photo, from the “Cheers” opening credits, of the guy behind the bar holding up a newspaper reading “WE WIN.”
As a young fan I used to always love the closing montage of World Series highlights every year, and this was a nice reminder.

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