World Champion Boston Red Sox: Day 2

This is indeed a great day in baseball history. Simmons weighs in, as does Gammons. In the Globe, heres Dan Shaughnessy; since the Curse has been his life for the past couple of decades, I expect him to now immediately retire from journalism.
Blogs are at it too, including the Dirt Dogs, RSN, and lifelong fans Sheila and Joe. As for the Win It For thread, its still going strong. Check out page 51, featuring the first posts after the Series ended.
On a lighter note, check out UltimateBalls, a baseball parody site brought to you by the guys who have spent the last couple of years imitating Gammons, Varitek, and Epstein on Friendster. And proving that Sox fans will be Sox fans, then theres this classic New York Post lede:

October 28, 2004 — A Staten Island couple’s dream of a perfect wedding at a Massachusetts inn turned into a nightmare when a Red Sox-loving busboy got drunk, chanted, “Yankees suck!” and threatened to beat up the groom and guests, according to police in Salem, Mass.

And finally, here’s that great Nike commercial with the old guys going to Fenway, throughout the 20th century.
At any rate, this is a wonderful moment in baseball history, and Ill be up there for the parade on Saturday.

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