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Sports Guy suggests that Kobe Bryant should turn heel- i.e., in wrestling parlance, when a previous good guy suddenly turns into a villain, like when lifelong hero Hulk Hogan became a bad guy in 1996 with the NWO.
Its a funny analysis, but I would say Kobes already done it- acting like an arrogant jerk to everyone around him, running Shaq out of town, that whole rape thing and the Karl Malone confrontation just clinches it. Remember when the Hulkster and Macho Man Randy Savage got in their fight over Miss Elizabeth? I can just picture Kobe going on PTI and telling Karl Malone that you lust in your heart, brother.

Tucker: A Man And His Dream

Tucker Carlson is rumored to be jumping from CNN to MSNBC to take over the 9PM timeslot. For my only commentary on this matter, I defer to George Carlin:

“Fuck Tucker, Tucker sucks. And fuck Tucker’s friend, Kyle. Soft names make soft people. I’ll tell you, ten times out of ten, Jimmy, Bobby, and Vinnie will kick the shit out of Todd, Kyle, and Tucker.”

For the purposes of this exercise, Fox News Channel will play the part of “Jimmy, Bobby, and Vinnie.”

Ebert’s Top Ten

Roger Ebert has come out with his annual “Best Movies of the Year” list, and he’s got Clint Eastwood’s “Million Dollar Baby” (which I haven’t seen and probably won’t) as #1, followed by “Kill Bill Vol. 2,” “Vera Drake,” “Spider-man 2,” and “Moolade.” I expect “Spider-man” will be the only common denominator between my top ten and his.
I’m working on my own year-end stuff that should be posted sometime next week; I’ll have my top tens for movies, music, and TV, as well as the annual awards, and (of course) the Shameful Events list. Here’s last year’s version.

Rushin Mafia

The Star Tribune yesterday had a funny profile of Steve Rushin, the Bloomington native and columnist for Sports Illustrated, on the occasion of his new book. The husband of former college basketball star Rebecca Lobo, Rushin tells the Strib of his penchant for inserting Minnesota references into SI- “a tribute to Supreme Court justice and former Viking Alan Page here, a reference to Wally the Beerman there.”
I of course can relate a lot to Rushin- he’s a writer from Minnesota named Steve who now lives on the East Coast, and has as his partner a woman named Rebecca who went to a Big East school and is just as sports-obsessed as he is. Can I take over “Air and Space” when Rushin retires?

“The Holidays”

In the age of Chrismukkah, Jewish Christmas, and Festivus, 2004 may be the most contentious year ever in terms of the pro-Christmas vs. anti-Christmas conflict. But the blog GetReligion has perhaps the best point I’ve seen made yet on the subject:

Once upon a time, Hanukkah was a smaller Jewish holiday reminding Jews not to compromise their faith when facing pressures to assimilate into a dominant culture. Today, Hanukkah is a giant, major holiday because it is close to the holiday previously known as Christmas. Religious history doesn’t get any more ironic than that.

Via Andrew Sullivan’s wacky group-blogging substitutes.

OC’s in the OC

Red Sox World Series hero Orlando Cabrera has agreed to sign with the Anaheim Angels, who subsequently released the starting shortstop from their own World Series season, David Eckstein.
Eckstein, who you will hear described as “scrappy” in just about every news story that mentions him this week, is of course the namesake of this blog’s Eckstein Award, though he’s never won it. Were he to sign with the Twins to play shortstop or second base, Eckstein would become the immediate favorite.

Oh, Snap!

So the Vikings did just about everything they could to blow Sunday’s game against Detroit– giving up 178 offensive yards in the fourth quarter, including two touchdowns and an endzone pass interference call in the last two minutes- but because of a bobbled snap on the tying extra point, the Vikes won the game 28-27. And because of that, Minnesota is almost certain to make the playoffs in the sorry, no-account NFC, making them more likely (groan) to retain Mike Tice.
Fox was nice enough to switch over to the end of Vikings-Lions after the Eagles beat the Cowboys; my first reaction to the TO injury was, “can he still dance?”

“Will You Condemn This”?

One of my favorite sensible centrist bloggers, Michael Totten, had a great post yesterday about some comments by Gerald Allen, a slate legislator in Alabama, that what he’d like to do with any and all gay-oriented books: “Dig a hole, and dump them in it.”
And Allen isn’t some far-off kook: according to the story, he was on his way to meet with President Bush at the White House- for the fifth time.
The right -Sean Hannity more than anyone else- has had a lot of fun the last couple years taking any and all comments by any and all leftist fringe figure, and demanding of every single Democrat that they “condemn these outrageous comments.” Hannity and Co. have also used the same trick to make it appear as though the wackiest fringes of the Democratic party- i.e., Michael Moore and far-flung posters on Democratic Underground- are in fact in charge of the Democratic party. So how about it, my Republican readers: will you condemn this?