Trade Randy Moss, Cont’d

There haven’t been any major developments on the current Second Biggest NFL Story Involving A Loudmouth Wide Receiver (i.e., the Randy Moss trade rumors). The trade talks seem to be on hold until there’s some resolution of whether or not Red McCombs will sell the team, as Red wants to hang onto #84 as his reported asking price for the team continues to approach a billion dollars.
Assuming that’s all resolved, the #1 rumored destination for Moss has been the Baltimore Ravens, where he’d be reunited with his former offensive coordinator Brian Billick, and likely outrun every pitiful pass from Kyle Boller. Especially interested in the prospect of Moss-to-Baltimore is Deion Sanders, the former superstar who returned to the NFL last year and made no impact whatsoever for the Ravens. Deion says he’s likely to return for one more year if the Ravens get Moss, and then there’s this:

Sanders went on to suggest that he and Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis would be able to provide a little guidance for the occasionally wayward Moss, who has been dogged by controversy throughout his career.

Wow, that great role models for the impressionable young Moss- the most selfish player in NFL history, and a guy who was up on double-murder charges! Moss, meanwhile, would be balanced on offense with Jamal Lewis- when he gets out of jail, that is, after Lewis was sentenced today to four months for drug trafficking. And you thought Cris Carter was a bad influence.
If Moss ends up in Baltimore, I guess that makes the Avon Barksdale comparison even more trenchant.

21 thoughts on “Trade Randy Moss, Cont’d

  1. james

    I think randy moss would be the best thing for the ravens and him self. I think if we get randy moss we will have one of the best chances going to the soperbowl and winning. moss with a complete defense like the ravens would make a realy good football team. with moss, moore,heap,and lewis a cmplete off. then haf to go up against the ravens DEFENSE the moss trade would be the best.

  2. lancer

    I am a MN man, and love Moss’s play! He is so much fun to watch, and embarrass secondaries around the league. The VIkes are saying he is a Cancer, and is selfish, but if I know Red McCombs… He’ll unload Moss for a mediocre safety and back-up LB and a first round pick. We would downgrade @ WR, and not upgrade really anywhere….. We are not goiugn to get top market value this year for Moss… Keep him, and unload after a big Super Bowl showing in 2006, and then the ravens can have him….Until then-Keep him in MN!

  3. Brent

    Moss is underrated as a teammate, person, and even a player. To trade him would be absolutely ridiculous, and nothing more than a move to save money for the notoriously tight-fisted McCombs. There is absolutely no way to achieve equal compensation for Moss (notice I didn’t say “a player like Moss” simply because there is no other player like him). Moss, when healthy, is the most dangerous player in the NFL, hands down. The media’s perception of him is simply wrong, they need a “bad egg” like Moss just to have story lines, and he doesn’t care what people think of him, so he will do things that fuel the fire from time to time. Nevermind the fact that Packer fans are known for their pregame and postgame moonings of the visiting busses (I’ve seen it personally), the fact that Moss would PRETEND to moon a national audience is just wrong, isn’t it? The answer is no. Have fun, don’t take everything so seriously. Have you ever mooned someone, or seen someone moon you? Has anyone who has ever been mooned been scarred for life? But enough about that, and everyone who questions Moss’ true character should also forget that he often gives his time to help needy and sick children, developing special ongoing relationships with more than one of these children, and neglecting to tell the media about any of it. Why would he not tell the media? Because he hates the media? Probably. But more than likely, he just doesn’t care what the media, or anyone else, thinks of him, except for people who really know him, like those sick children. He also probably cares enough for the sick children that he doesn’t want a bunch of paparazzi crowding their bedsides. Though I strayed off topic a few times, I think the point is clear: there is no way Moss should ever wear a jersey other than the purple and gold. Any Vikings fan who thinks otherwise needs to double check the source of their information, and maybe turn on the games from time to time, so you can see perhaps the most electrifying athlete to ever grace the football field (with all due respect to Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, and the many other greats of the game).

  4. superfreak

    I agree with the last fellow, i swear to god i will nver watch another vikings game again if they trade moss- it’s too bad they try and blame him- he is the purple and gold- you want to point and blmae check our terrible defense

  5. superfreak

    I agree with the last fellow, i swear i will never watch another vikings game again if they trade moss- it’s too bad they try and blame him- he is the purple and gold- you want to point and blame check our terrible defense

  6. Wiggy

    I’m a Minnesota man too and I think the trade to Baltimore for a young defensive improvemnet(Terrel Suggs or Ed Reed) and a first round pick would do wonders for the defense. One potential pro Bowl star and some levying power on draft day to move up and collect a Derrick Johnson would be one of the best moves in Minnesota sports history. James is an idiot.

  7. Anonymous

    The first MN guy hit it right on the head. Moss is not nearly the head case he is made out to be in the media. He does a buttload for needy children and constantly gives his TD balls to kids in the stands. Walking off the Redskins field was bad, and he’s done some other bad stuff too – like spraying water at a ref during a 99 playoff game. The media constantly portray him incorrectly and he doesn’t fight it.
    Add to what I wrote above this fact: every time Daunte Culpepper slings the ball deep downfield I get goosebumps in anticipation of a big Moss play. That’s what makes the game fun for a fan. And as great a quarterback as Daunte is, he doesn’t throw a good deep ball. I’d be happy to give him up for the right price, but it’d take a lot to satisfy me – probably a defensive stud and two high first round picks, or two defensive studs and a high first round pick. Any established team should consider trading for “the FREAK.”

  8. NotURaverageNFLfan

    Number One: Jamal Lewis did not receive 4 months for drug trafficking, he received it for the use of a cell for to broker a cocaine deal.
    Number Two: How would you like it if you were aquitted of a crime (murder) and still have people throwing it in your face and slandering your name about it even though you are an innocent man?
    Number Three: Didn’t you learn anything from Ray’s Message to Terrell Owens? It’s not about you, or me, it’s about the Glory that you give to a hihger power. You would do well to remember that.
    Number Four: In a league full of parity where notoriety and a major portion of the spotlight are put on stats and accomplishments, the NFL in a small way is about selfishness. If not for a degree of selfishness, the drive and determination would not be there and such Hall of Fame greats such as Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Walter Payton among so many other would not be there, so if being selfish is a bad thing, then Dieon is in excellent company with some of the greats that he will most certainly join in the hall of fame.
    Number Five: You really need to get your facts straight before you go posting. It’s okay to be quiet and be a fool, but when you go opening your mouth about what you obviously know nothing about, then you let everyone know your dirty little secret;
    And Brett Favre Sucks put it best in their comment, so I’ll quote them,
    “You’re a real dumb ass!”

  9. Mother of O

    I have been a Vikings fan since Cris Carter got there. I to watch too see the spectacular play(s) that are practically guarenteed by Moss. I do not care about his personal life, what he says, nor what he does after the play. I want to see THE PLAY. He is a very talented young man. That cannot be denied. Everything else I am really not concerned with. People worry about what their children may think or do, raise your children to look at you as a role model and be that to them. do not rely on television personalities for your children to look up to. I hope he stays in the purple and gold, but where ever he goes, I am going to watch and look for that guareenteed score.

  10. throw it up top to 84

    This is my biggest drive to trade moss. To prove to the media, the public, and NFL fans everywhere how he is not that bad of a person at all. All this crap about the mooning and what not…. it was posted before he spends his time with needy children donates his money to the minnesota community and continually gives his deep TD passes when the worlds eyes are on him to hanidcapped children he helped accomadate with first row seats. I hate this shit. TO impersonates people. Moss donates and is a humanitairan when he scores and this is the shit he gets for a team that contuanlly underachieves. Rediculious. I hope he gets traded so the [ublic realizes its not moss thats wrong in minnesota is coaching and ownership. Red is 25 under the cap…. and wont go out and put a serious offer on the table for good D help or a more intelligent coach. Mike Tice could be a good coach one day…. but i would rather someone else be at the helm during his learning process. Go to balitmore, win the god damn super bowl, and then flick off the media during the superbowl celebration…. cuz god knows the next day after years of bashing everyone in the cynical media would have ur back telling the world how great you are.

  11. ur a retard

    wow everyone is outta their minds, i bet your all eagles fans. randy moss is hands down the best receiver in the nfl. however randy moss isnt worth as much as he is paid, or what some of you seem to think he is in a trade.
    and whoever posted moss for a first rounder and either ed reed or terrell suggs your out of your mind.
    as good as randy moss is they are never in a million years getting a first round pick and the defensive player of the year for him. you seem to forget that randy moss is owed something like 37 million in the next four years. no team especially the ravens with newman or whoever calling the gm shots is going to trade someone like reed for someone like moss, with that kind of money still owed, it just doesnt make sense
    from any team the best minn. cant hope for is a first round draft pick, not top 10 and a defensive starter, not a defensive stud. for any team in the nfl it just is not worth it.
    whoever said kyle boller cant throw i think posted this topic, and i duno if you understand that kyle boller as good a quarterback as any in the league besides ur mcnabb, brady, culpepper, manning. the kid can play, with a receiver you would see that. i duno if you watch football or just watch sportcenter and play fantasy, im assuming the latter

  12. Anonymous

    You obviuosly don’t know what you’re talking about man. The Jets have already drawn up a proposal that would send Vilma, S. Moss, and their 1st round pick to Minn.. You obviously don’t know that Vilma single handedly improved the Jets defense as a rookie middle linebacker last year. He was the first linebacker drafted in 2004 and was defensive rookie of the year. The Redskins have discussed trading Lavar Arrington and their first round pick as well. Are you aware of what the Dolphins offered last year for Moss? Yes, Moss is the best wide receiver in the league, he stands out of the pack. And for you to say that Moss isn’t worth a defensive stud makes me think you’re the one who is retarded. Remember Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis? One all-star normally requires one from another team in a league where trades are rare.
    I think you are the idiot.

  13. Anonymous

    Also, Kyle Boller sucks deez nutz. You really think he is as good as Drew Brees, Chad Pennington, Michael Vick, Matt Hasselbeck, or even Trent Green? You must be a Ravens fan, or once again, you’re probably the one that’s retarded.

  14. Anonymous

    well, noturaveragenflfan can’t even spell parody, let alone have any idea what it is, so we will stop there and try to forget the fact that he is calling people dumbasses.
    guys, lets get real here. randy moss is the best receiver in the nfl, second of all who stirred all these trade rumors up? randy moss will stay in minnesota until he can’t run up and down the turf anymore, forget the st. louis rams, he is the best show on turf. he can’t be traded for because no one can afford to give up a defensive stud, a first rounder, and then try to pay his salary. it doesn’t make sense for a team like the ravens to have to give up anyone on that closeknit defense for someone who will probably outrun every pass that boller can throw anyway. let’s face it, the vikings need defense. but they also need a player like moss to put people in the stands. without him their receiving core is subpar, and daunte culpepper isn’t as dangerous. all this speculation will blow over, moss will stay in the dome, and everyone who criticized him this year will eat their words when he proves everyone wrong next year. and please, don’t call people dumbasses when you really have no idea what in the heck you are talking about.

  15. JD

    Moss is now going to the raiders for Napolean Harris, a seventh overall draft pick and a late round draft pick. If this trade occurs it will rank up there as one of the worst trades in vikings history, second only to the Herschel Walker trade. I disagree with trading Moss period, but if the vikings are trading him get someone for him. Napolean Harris might as well be called Napolean Dynamite because most people have never even heard of him. When trading a big name like MOSS you have to get a big name in return and then some. Most vikings fans watch the vikings to see what Moss is going to do next, whether its a big play or mooning the crowd. The only vikings fans that don’t like Moss’s behavior are the old geezers that don’t realize the game has changed. It’s a smashmouth, trash talking, and show-it-off kind of game today and if you don’t agree with it, don’t watch it. MOSS is the greatest wide reciever to play the game and trading him would be detrimental to the Vikings.

  16. Bill

    well, the trade has went through and it is the worst trade in nfl history, what next for mn, well, back to losing!

  17. dont sip hatorade

    the vikings made a bad move and they probably
    won’t win that many games next year. as for oakland, they did something smart because they ain’t givin up shit in napoleon harris. its like trading a gold trophy for a bronze one. who would do such a dumb thing. all i gotta say to the vikings owner is dont expect your games to be sold out like they have been for the past seven years and don’t think napoleon harris will do u any good because he didn’t seem to do shit for the raiders this year, did he. their defense ranked even worse than the vikings’ did. good luck,Red or Reggie. u’ll be needing it


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