Free Iraq

Im quite happy that elections in Iraq seem to have come off well, with high voter turnout and relatively little terrorism. We may end up pulling this thing off yet. I caught Michael Totten on the Friends of Democracy C-SPAN special yesterday, and am quite jealous that he got to join in the elections celebration with Christopher Hitchens. Because while I was able to meet Hitch a year ago, I unfortunately never got to drink with him.
So attention bloggers: the most important story today is that the Iraqi elections went well. It is NOT that MSM didnt give enough credence to the notion that the Iraqi elections went well.
UPDATE: Hitch, meanwhile, channels Monty Python in his column today:

The Vietnam/Iraq babble is, from any point of view, a busted flush. It’s no good. It’s a stiff. It’s passed on. It has ceased to be. It’s joined the choir invisible. It’s turned up its toes. It’s gone. It’s an ex-analogy.

2 thoughts on “Free Iraq

  1. LilB

    ironic that it took less time to certify the election in Iraq than it did to certify the election here.
    also ironic that the use of absentee ballots weeks before the fact by expatriate Iraqis was expedited by the US government, while US military serving in Iraq were denied their right to vote by absentee ballot in the recent US election.

  2. The Sheila Variations

    The real story…

    I really like the point Steve Silver makes in this post about the elections in Iraq. (I’m talking about the point addressed to “bloggers”.) Yup. Judging from a lot of what I read out there in the last couple of…


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