Latest Pali Atrocity

The new owner of the San Francisco Examiner newspaper, Philip Anshutz, is in hot water after placing an ad in which the paper depicts a young-looking Palestinian girl holding a machine gun. The print ad, advertising that the paper will cover everything from PTA to PLO, featured a girl with a violin under PTA, and the gun-toting girl under PLO; the paper has since apologized, and agreed to pull the ad after an outcry by the usual suspects, including the pro-jihad website Electronic Intifada.
Anshutz never shouldve apologized, and the ad never shouldve been pulled. A 12-year-old girl with a gun is a completely accurate representation of what the PLO is after all, its critics arent disputing the accuracy of the photo- and their arming of 12-year-old girls is, if you ask me, much more of an outrage than a photograph of such.
Yes, I know the Examiner is launching a new version in Washington, and wants to avoid a big Fake Outrage Scandal to coincide with the launch. But at least now there ad will be seen, for free, by exponentially more people than would have otherwise, especially once the Blogosphere gets ahold of this. Anshutz should write the “Electronic Intefada” people a thank-you note.

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