Sondheim, Robbins, and McMahon

Some of you may have noticed that Ive been writing about pro wrestling a lot less lately. This is because Ive barely been watching the weekly shows, and skipping most of the pay-per-views as well- I guess Ive just lost interest, especially since the WWE now has a near-monopoly, and there arent so many surprises anymore.
But buoyed by a brilliant ad campaign that dressed up the wrestlers for a West Side Story parody, I went to watch last nights Royal Rumble event with the friends I used to enjoy every pay-per-view with, and it was quite entertaining. The highlight was probably an importune unscripted moment when, as the 30-man rumble match was ending, Vince McMahon ran out to the ring to settle a dispute, tripped and hurt his leg, and had to issue instructions to the refs from a seated position. Pure gold.

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