Music Man

It has arrived, and I have officially joined what Glenn Reynolds calls “The Cult of the iPod.” In less than 36 hours I’ve already loaded on over 1,100 songs, but I should be able to find room for everything pertinent in my collection.
As for that other cult Glenn and I are both a part of -that’s the bloggers (or are we more like rappers?)- I’m looking forward to meeting up with the New York blogging community tonight at the Overlook Lounge (225 East 44th St; 7 PM), where we’ll be gathering to pay tribute to the late, great blogger Mike Wolf. Hope to see many of you there.
Meanwhile, check back Sunday night/Monday for blogger bash stories, Oscar thoughts, NBA trade analysis, the latest batch of Fantasy Baseball team names, and that “24: Liberal or Conservative” piece, which is almost done. Hopefully, by the time you read it, I’ll still have some iPod space left.

3 thoughts on “Music Man

  1. C

    I just got my iPod yesterday. I said to a friend last night that I feel like I’ve drank the kool aid and joined the cult. I had no idea Instapundit had called it a cult too. Very funny. It does feel that way!
    See you tonight!

  2. A

    Rappers?? I think not…most of them actually get paid for what they do!
    You are a part of 2 cults now..I am glad you can admit it.

  3. deb

    Wholly, 100% unrelated commment but I was hanging out (ha, I mean moving) with Vinnie the Mover last weekend (he likes to come along when we move, um, yeah) and he said, “Yeah, your buddy Steve called me when he moved!” and I was like, “Steve? I dunno a Steve.” Eventually, a connection was made (I THINK it’s you, right?), um, and I just thought that it was funny enough to tell you.
    Have a great weekend!


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