Mall Merge

As though malls weren’t homogenous enough before… the company that owns Macy’s has purchased the company that owns Filene’s and Marshall Fields, creating one big mall-colossus. I’m no big shopper, but the way this effects me is that all the Marshall Fields’ in Minneapolis will now become Macy’s- just a year or two after Marshall Fields rebranded local department store Dayton’s. I’m fine with the change, provided they keep selling Frango mints.

4 thoughts on “Mall Merge

  1. Jeff S

    You may not care, but you may not know what you’ll be missing. Start with the Marshall Field’s / Dayton’s Christmas display traditions (Chicago and Minneapolis Flagship stores) which are MUCH, MUCH, MUCH nicer than the Macy’s Parade (Balloons and lip syncing). Geez, who hasn’t heard of the Walnut Room in their State Street store? Add to it the Spring flower show in Minneapolis and Marshall Field’s day at Orchestra Hall (24 hours of free music funded by Marshall Field’s) to name a few.
    I’m worried that Macy’s rich history in being “just a bit nicer than JC Penney” and “We’re next to Sears” will not be good for Marshall Field’s.

  2. Anonymous

    The State Street Store, Old Orchard, Oakbrook, Water Tower Place and Woodfield should remain under the name Marshall Field. The rest could be changed to Macy or Bloomingdale. I don’t think anyone would care about those other stores especailly the former Dayton and Hudson stores.

  3. J. Henely

    Retain the State Street STore, WT Place, Old Orchard and Oakbrook as Marshall Field Stores, the others can be renamed Macy or Bloomingdales. This would make sense

  4. S. Schwartz

    Marshall Field’s is one of those iconic American brand names that has been around for more than 150 years. Based on the longevity of this brand and it’s deep roots in Chicago, it would be a HUGE mistake to eliminate it from the retail scene. Genercizing this name into “Macy’s” will cause the loss of identification in the major upscale retail market for a brand like Macy’s that has no experience operating in this market. Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdales, it’s sister brands have been successful in launching NEW stores in this market, but have had NO experience in re-branding in this market. Macy’s will, and deservedly so, experience huge levels of resistance in rebranding Marshall Field’s into Macy’s. It will prove to be a huge mistake. It will be converting something that is held in such high esteem as a distinct brand, namely Marshall Fields, into a brand of mediocrity, which Macy’s is perceived by many. Huge mistake. Macy’s will not get my sales if this happens.


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