Monthly Archives: February 2005

Peac In Our Time?

If you were wondering just how bad things were looking for the anti-war movement, we got our answer today: on a walk around Columbia University, I noticed an everpresent flier advertising an upcoming conflict-resolution workshop which featured, in big letters, “CREATIVE PEACMAKING.”
Yes, “peacmaking.” In the distribution of hundreds of the fliers, somehow no one noticed that the prominent word, peace, was spelled incorrectly. Forget about making peace; they can’t even spell peace.

Fantasy Baseball Team Ideas: The New Batch

I fully suspect that at least 50% of this years team names will be some reference to steroids/BALCO/Canseco/The cream and the clear. Accordingly, my team this year is The Masking Agents, in a last-minute decision over coming up with some sort of play on Merkin Valdez.
Here we go: As always, some were my ideas, others were contributed by readers or found elsewhere:
– The Tropicana Juice
– The Bathroom Stall Bash Brothers
– The Victor Conte All-Stars
– The Grand Jury Leaks
– Los Guapos
– Fielders Choice
– Hebrew Nationals
– Honey Nut Ichiros
– The Bear Backs
– The Van Buren Boys
– The Jesusland Jets
– The Dustin Diamondbacks
– The Jaleel White Sox
– 24 Hour Party People
– Winnie the Pujols
– Wynn, Lohse or Drew
– Jeters Never Prosper

Music Man

It has arrived, and I have officially joined what Glenn Reynolds calls “The Cult of the iPod.” In less than 36 hours I’ve already loaded on over 1,100 songs, but I should be able to find room for everything pertinent in my collection.
As for that other cult Glenn and I are both a part of -that’s the bloggers (or are we more like rappers?)- I’m looking forward to meeting up with the New York blogging community tonight at the Overlook Lounge (225 East 44th St; 7 PM), where we’ll be gathering to pay tribute to the late, great blogger Mike Wolf. Hope to see many of you there.
Meanwhile, check back Sunday night/Monday for blogger bash stories, Oscar thoughts, NBA trade analysis, the latest batch of Fantasy Baseball team names, and that “24: Liberal or Conservative” piece, which is almost done. Hopefully, by the time you read it, I’ll still have some iPod space left.

Oscar Picks

These are predictions, which may not necessarily represent my rooting interests:
Best Picture: “Million Dollar Baby”
Best Director: Martin Scorsese
Best Actor: Jamie Foxx
Best Actress: Hilary Swank
Best Supporting Actor: Morgan Freeman
Best Supporting Actress: Cate Blanchett
Best Original Screenplay: Charlie Kaufman, (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”)
Best Adapted Screenplay: Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor (“Sideways”)

Vincent Vega Is My Mom

Today came the really disturbing news that John Travolta is in talks to star as Edna Turnblad in the upcoming film version of the Broadway musical Hairspray, which is itself a remake of John Waters 1988 non-musical film.
There are two reasons I dont like this: one, the role was originated on Broadway by Harvey Fierstein, and as long as Divine is dead, Harveys the man for the role.* And two, the thought of Travolta in drag, singing, is just too frightening to contemplate. If he takes this role, he can never play Chili Palmer again.
(*The role of Edna is traditionally played by a man in drag; when I saw the show on Broadway with Fierstein two years ago, the Southern tourist behind us turned to his wife at the end of the first act and said wait a minute- thats a man!)

Raider Randy, Day 2

And were still glad to be rid of him.
SportsCenter this morning ran a highlight package of Moss’ greatest interview moments, for some reason inexplicably omitting the “straight cash homey” clip. That would be like running the Jim Mora gag reel and leaving out “we couldn’t do diddly poo offensively.”

Boss Blog

Want to get paid to blog? Are you a big Dukes of Hazzard fan? Country Music Television is offering $100,000 for a vice president, of the Dukes of Hazzard Institute. The lucky winner’s responsibilities will include watching the show, representing CMT at Dukes conventions and other events, and running a Dukes-oriented blog at
Not sure how legit this is, but if so its apropos that Dukes is returning to prominence- Dynasty is back in re-runs as well, and with last nights Josh/Toby fistfight, The West Wing has officially turned into Dallas.
And speaking of getting paid to blog, blogging pioneer Jason Kottke has announced that hes quitting his finance job to blog full time for a year, and rather than except ads, he will subsist solely on reader donations. A Minnesota native, Jason is an inspiration to us all.