Out of Town

Im going to be on vacation next week, so posting will be slow, but not nonexistent. I have to miss this Saturdays big blogger party, but I should however be on hand for the Brooklyn shindig the following weekend.
I have nothing to say about the Schiavo case; for narrow-minded uses of her cause in order to justify just about any other political viewpoint, just enter her name into Technorati– youll find plenty of that there. And I also have no opinion on the Red Lake school massacre– first its mass-murdering Asian hunters, and now weve got a mass-murdering neo-Nazi American Indian, all in my home state. Minnesota Nice is officially dead.

2 thoughts on “Out of Town

  1. Jeff S

    I’m not aware of any MSM which has comented on the poverty in Red Lake in comparison with the rich Ojibwe that run the Casinos in the south (where’s the sharing they claim to be doing?).
    Not that I’m a big fan of Pawlenty and his casino plans, but this would be a fairly good opportunity to show the state (and the nation) that something needs to be done to address the serious poverty on indian reservations. A casino may not be the solution though.

  2. A

    Steve, I applaud you for saying so much in so little words…way to be a journalist!!!
    Becca, I feel sorry at what you will be subjected to next weekend, but at you least you and I will get to hang out:)


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