Our Long National Nightmare is Over

Red McCombs is no longer owner of the Minnesota Vikings, as the sale of the team to Zygmunt Wilf will be approved, probably today. From the skipped draft pick to the Moss traffic arrest, from the Tice scalping investigation to the Whizzinator, the McCombs tenure was just one embarrasment after another. And now, after a great offseason and finally a sale, the Vikings have a chance to finally become a class organization again.

6 thoughts on “Our Long National Nightmare is Over

  1. TheMuzio

    Eh, Im not that pleased about this. Wilf has no connections to the community, to my knowledge has shown no desire to keep the Vikings in Minnesota. While Im glad that McCombs is out, we may look back on today quite negatively.

  2. J. Lichty

    Agree with Muzio. The anyone but Red part of me is relieved but, Wilf will be moving the team.
    All your predictions about the LA Vikings are probably correct. I guess Minneapolis is just a farm team for the LA market. Too bad for Pohlad but they already have 2 baseball teams.
    Wilf is probably already looking into office space in Century City.

  3. bennye

    No way does wilf move the team, he has already stated that he wants to keep this a family business and keep it where its at.


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