Closed Mike

I’m beginning to think that Sports Illustrated football writer Michael Silver is totally unworthy of my last name. First, he wrote a stupid pro-T.O./pro-Rosenhaus column which returned, again and again, to the meme that Owens deserves a new contract because he agreed -at the Eagles’ behest- to sign a medical release form before he played in the Super Bowl.
A perfectly good argument- except it’s wrong. Silver’s column this week carries this disclaimer:

Last week’s Open Mike by Michael Silver incorrectly stated that the Philadelphia Eagles asked Terrell Owens to sign an injury waiver before Super Bowl XXXIX. The column, which went on to say that the Eagles should be obligated to renegotiate Owens’s contract, was flawed because it was based on that misinformation. We regret the error.

Wow. Shouldn’t the #2 football writer for the nation’s #1 sports magazine know a bit more about the ins and outs of this, probably the biggest running football story of the year? I couldn’t imagine Peter King making a mistake like that. Also, the original column appears expunged from SI’s site.
Silver goes on to refer to Edgerrin James, for some reason, as “the Martha Stewart of the NFL.’ But shouldn’t that be Jamal Lewis? After all, he’s the one who just got out of prison.

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