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A Decade of Failure

According to the latest column by soon-to-be-Hall-of-Famer Peter Gammons, Tampa Bay Devil Rays general manager Chuck LeMar recently celebrated ten years at the helm of the organization. Yes, LeMar took over three years before the Rays began play, and has since presided over seven straight losing seasons, going on eight this year. In LeMar’s time at the helm, the Rays are 487-744- that’s right, they’re 257 games under .500.
If anyone has a convincing explanation of why LeMar still has a job, I’d love to hear it. He’s the Elgin Baylor of baseball, and the Devil Rays are its Clippers.

A Note

You know I love getting comments, and I have no problem with people hacking away at my opinions or even using good-natured namecalling. But a warning- if your comment crosses the line into racism or anti-Semitism- which has happened more than once of late- it will be deleted, and you will be banned.
That is all.

Leaving New York, Never Easy

That announcement I hinted at last week is the following: at the end of the month (a week from today), Ill be leaving New York after five years in order to set off for suburban Philadelphia. Ill be living with the girlfriend, and also close to friends and family.
Ive been visiting friends in Philadelphia at least a half-dozen times a year since the middle of college, and have always enjoyed my visits. Luckily, it was a certain special lady who finally got me to make the move.
Is it hard to leave New York? It sure is. But it was never my intention to stay forever, and Id been thinking more and more lately that it was time to go- lots of friends of mine have left and/or moved further away, and Id been missing out on the whole quintessential American experience of having a car and driving to work every day (which I havent done since high school). Its been just over five years in the area, which I feel is just the right amount of time- Ill always cherish my time in New York and be thankful that I had a chance to live here in my lifetime, and of course, I plan to visit early and often, for friends’ birthdays, blogger bashes, and other special events.
Other advantages to living in Philly- a more raucous sports scene where I dont hate any of the teams; close proximity at all times to Wawa; and the chance to vote against Rick Santorum next year. Besides, were probably only about a generation away from New York and Philly being all one big metro area anyway. And I promise to never, ever, refer to my new hometown as The Iladelph.
Wednesdays my last day at Royal Media Group, and Im sorry to say goodbye as the company continues to make great strides, and just recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. Im still looking for a job in Philly and will be freelancing to start off, while also getting caught up on writing, reading, exercise, my Netflix queue, and sleep. Well also be out in California (Northern and Southern) the last week in August, so if youre out there drop me a line.
The blog, of course, will continue more-or-less unaffected after the move, though it may be a bit slow this week.
Anyway, I appreciate so much all the wonderful friends Ive made in my time in New York, including the wonderful blogging community. I appreciate your support of my work, and I assure you, I wont be a stranger.

Retracing Condits Steps

I was down in Washington on business last Thursday and Friday, and aside from repeatedly running into landmarks that were important in the Chandra Levy investigation (Tryst, Rock Creek Park, the Dupont Circle Washington Sports Club, etc.), I kept noticing Supreme Court protesters everywhere. There were Save Roe people right outside Union Station as soon as I got in town, and some anti-abortion group was apparently having its annual convention, independently of the Roberts nomination.
At any rate, it sort of bothers me that nobody in this country gives a rats ass about any political issue besides abortion. The court might not even hear another abortion case for ten more years, yet I dont see anyone out on the streets talking about any issues the court is actually likely to rule on anytime soon. And even worse was the guy who, apparently misinformed about who the nominee is, held up a Stop Luttig sign.
Not that New York is immune from the craziness or anything- last night in Union Square, rival anti-Bush groups got into fisticuffs over who-knows-what, as one protester named Jeffrey grabbed a megaphone and started reading from the Fourth Amendment and denouncing Mayor Bloomberg, until an opponent of his grabbed a megaphone of his own and started yelling at his foe- you suck, Jeffrey!, until a defender of Jeffreys jumped up to defend him, and almost immediately started throwing punches. This devolved into a 25-man brawl of indeterminate outcome (we had to go to dinner), the highlight of which was unquestionably when one of the assembled hoodlums was about to join the fight but then paused, removed his shirt, earring, and bling, and then jumped right back in.
All of this, of course, took place in front of a large Stop Bush sign, in which the S in Bush was a swastika, and as always, everyone screamed about a police state even though no police were present. It was all quite reminiscent of past USQ blowouts here, here, and here.

“America Isn’t Screwed Up”

I was going to make fun of Bernard Goldberg’s stupid new book and his stupid publicity based on how he’s been “attacked” (for writing a book where he takes shots at 100 people)- yet more proof about how to the right, everything is really about “liberal political media bias,” even if the story has nothing to do with liberals, politics, the media, or bias.
But luckily, Jeff Jarvis got there first. That O’Reilly segment with Goldberg last week may have been the most laughable seven minutes in the Factor’s history, which is really saying something.

P-Town Vacation

Andrew Sullivans off for his annual August hiatus, and this year hes hiring a truly impressive group of guest-bloggers, led by Mr. Savage Love himself, Dan Savage, perhaps the one man in America who has more fun making fun of Rick Santorum than Sully himself. Also guest-blogging for a week at a time- TNRs Franklin Foer, academic Judith Apter Klinghoffer, and Times man Walter Kirn, who wrote that infamous cunt article in GQ a few months ago. Looking forward to it.

Cooter vs. Jessica

Ben Jones, who played Cooter on the original Dukes of Hazzard TV show and later served a term in Congress, has spoken out against the upcoming Dukes film, calling it “profanity-laced script with blatant sexual situations that mocks the good clean family values of our series.” Oh yea, there was nothing sexual about the series that introduced the world to daisy dukes.
Thanks, Ben, but sorry- I will be seeing the movie, and Im not about to take decency advice from a man named Cooter.
Though thankfully, it appears as though that expected controversy over whether or not the films General Lee would be adorned with the Confederate flag never actually materialized.

Violent Video Games

With the NFL recently giving EA Sports the exclusive video game rights to its players and teams for its popular Madden series, competitors of the game are having to get creative when it comes to producing market-worthy football scenarios. And not only that, theyre going way over the top
A recent SI piece lets us know about Blitz: The League, a new game from Midway that sounds about half Madden, and half Grand Theft Auto- combining football with such off-field elements as groupies, gambling, and drug use. Oh yea- and the Atlantas team quarterback is named Ron Mexico. So it should go without saying that the games cover features Lawrence Taylor.
But thats nothing compared to proposed competitor game Road to Sunday- in which, SI says, players must save their owner, whos in debt to a mysterious Jamaican mobster. That game, mercifully, has been kiboshed by its manufacturer.

Ha Am Im Ha Times Square

Going to lunch yesterday my co-workers and I stumbled into a rally being held against Israels Gaza disengagement plan. The settler-surrogates were there in full orange force, as were a cabal of ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionists. Im sure the Palestinians were too, though I didnt see them.
The NYPD generally did a good job keeping the rival groups fenced off from one another. Ironic, considering that’s what the argument is about in the first place.
Id say Im supportive of the plan, although I understand the arguments of the anti-disengagement side. I just feel that separation, leading to an eventual two-state solution, is the only tenable solution to the conflict.